Monday, August 17, 2009


A Mr. John Green, of Cureo, first suggested that the Bluebonnet would be the best choice. His suggestion was taken up by a formidable group of Texas women, the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in Texas. They believed that the Bluebonnet would represent the State of Texas most appropriately as its official state flower. To demonstrate their enthusiasm, they acquired a Bluebonnet painting by Miss Mode Walker of Austin and presented it to the Legislature. Ms. Walker produced some really lovely Bluebonnet studies - you can Google her to see her work.

The Dames were a formidable force, and eventually they got their wish. When the Twenty-seventh Legislature passed the initial resolution on March 7, the “State Flower” was declared to be the “Lupinus Subcarnosus” – the “Bluebonnet”, also known as the “Buffalo Clover”, or the “wolf flower”. The Mexicans called the flower “el conejo”. Texas Governor Joseph D. Sayers signed the resolution. Thus began a seventy year debate over the Bluebonnet, known as the “Bluebonnet Wars”.

(To be continued…)

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