Monday, September 7, 2009


Not long after, the Texas legislators discovered that there were actually several varieties of “Bluebonnets” in the state. Unfortunately, the “Lupinus Subcarnosus” named in the resolution turned out to be the least attractive of all the varieties. Turned out the Dames really were thinking about the “Lupinus Texensis”, which is much bolder and showier, and covers most of Texas. It is a much prettier blue, and is the subject of the ever-popular Texas Bluebonnet landscape painting.

Once the legislators discovered that they had declared the wrong Bluebonnet variety to be the Texas “State Flower”, they began to debate how they should correct this error. This debate lasted for decades! They didn’t want to offend the supporters of the “Lupinus Subcarnosus” (though there were few of them), so in 1971 they came up with what they thought was a compromise that would solve the problem. They decided to attempt to lump the two Bluebonnet species together, plus “any other variety of Bluebonnet not heretofore recorded.”

Little did they know that there were at least three other species of Bluebonnets, and more have been discovered since then….so that makes them ALL Texas “State Flowers”.

(To be continued…)

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